Our Mailing Address:  2848 County Road H2 - Mounds View - 55112

Phone (763) 784-1786 - Fax (763) 784-1927

  Sunday Worship Times: 7:30 am, 8:45 am, 11:00 am

Bible Study and Sunday School: 10:00 am

What about....?

  • When is Sunday Worship?
  • What kind of clothes do people wear?
  • Should I wait to come to church till I get my life in order?
  • What will worship be like?
  • Do I need to know a lot about the Bible to come to Bible class?
  • Are my kids welcome?


When is Sunday Worship Times?

We have worship on Sunday mornings at 7:30 am, 8:45 am and 11 am. If you would like to know more about what the worship services are like please click HERE.


What kind of clothes do people wear?

People that come to Messiah wear a wide range of clothing. Some come in suits and ties and others come in jeans and tee shirts. We believe what is important is that you are here and not what you are wearing.


Should I wait to come to church until I have my life together?

Absolutely NOT. There is not one instance in the Bible where people came to Jesus and asked for forgiveness and healing and Jesus turned them away until they fixed their lives. It was the exact opposite. Jesus called all people to follow Him. It didn't matter how messed up their lives were. When someone came to Jesus asking for help, mercy and grace, He gave it to them. 

The church is not a safe haven for perfect people. It is a hospital for people with sinful and messed up lives. That is why Messiah is here, to share a Savior who offers forgiveness and a new life to all people who come to Him in faith.


What will worship be like?

At Messiah our worship consists of a blend of traditional as well as contemporary music. No matter which service you attend one thing will be the same. You will hear the message of God's love and forgiveness for you in Christ.


Do I need to know a lot about the Bible to come to Bible class?

You do not need any prior Bible knowledge to attend one of the Bible studies offered on Sunday or during the week. We learn about God, what He has done for us and how He wants us to live, by studying His word. So all are welcome.


Are my kids welcome in church?

We love having kids in worship. We want them to hear about God's love for them too and we believe that families that worship together are strengthened.

To help children become part of the worship service there is a children's sermon in the service where we simplify the sermon message so the kids can be part of the message for the day. Adults are welcome to come up with their kids or to lead their children up and sit in the front row while the children's sermon is going on.

If you have to take your child out for a minute, we have a staffed nursery in which the service is being streamed live on TV so you can take care of any needs for your children while still being part of the service.





How do I...?

  • Arrange for a baptism?
  • Arrange for a wedding?
  • Get confirmed?
  • Contact a pastor?
  • Receive help in an emergency?
  • Become a member of Messiah? (Click here)

Arrange for baptism?

If you desire baptism for your infant,child or yourself, you are asked to meet with the pastor for a baptism orientation class. Adults who desire to be baptized are invited to attend the “Christianity 101” class, to learn more about baptism and what we believe as Christians. In any event, please contact a pastor to schedule your attendance at the Baptism class and to schedule a baptism date. Messiah@Messiah-Lutheran.org




Arrange for a wedding?

The privilege of being married at Messiah is reserved for those who publicly practice their Christian faith. Those desiring to be married at Messiah participate in a series of Pre-Marriage sessions with the pastor. Please contact a pastor well in advance to begin the process of marriage preparation, and reserve your spot on the church calendar. Fees and other information may be found below. You may call 763-784-1786 or email Messiah@Messiah-Lutheran.org




Wedding Fees and Info   (click below)


Wedding Fees and information for Members 





Wedding Fees and information for Non-Members




What if we are living together?





Arrange for Confirmation?

Baptized young people who desire to be “confirmed” attend a series of Wednesday evening sessions ordinarily held each September through April during their 6th, 7th and 8th grade years in school. These sessions are held each year from September through April, and the “rite” of confirmation ordinarily takes place the first Sunday in May. If you have questions about confirmation, please contact a pastor or confirmation staff at 763-784-1786 or e-mail Messiah@Messiah-Lutheran.org.



Contact a pastor?

Although our pastors are not always in their offices when you call, if you have need of a pastor or other church staff, we are always happy to meet and talk with you. Feel free to e-mail or call the church office during regular business hours, M-F, 9-4:30, 763-784-1786 or Messiah@Messiah-Lutheran.org.




Receive help in an emergency?

A member of our staff is always available to provide pastoral assistance. Simply call the church office. When someone answers the phone during business hours, M-F 9-4:30, simply indicate that you have an emergency and need the assistance of a church staff. If someone isn’t available in the office to speak with you, you will be directed to a special telephone “voice mail box,” in which you may leave your name, a brief message and telephone number where you can be reached. When you hang up the phone, the “on-call” Pastor will automatically and immediately be paged. They will respond to your need as quickly as possible. This emergency “paging” system is available for you to contact a pastor 24 hours a day. Simply phone the normal church phone number and listen to the “prompts.”




For emergency financial and other assistance, we work with other agencies throughout our community to provide the best and most effective assistance possible.  Please be advised, we do not have cash, gas, grocery or other vouchers on hand and most often we will refer you to a community organization for the best and most effective response.