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May 6 Update 

At the recent Spring Voters Assembly Meeting it was announced that a special Voters Assembly meeting would be scheduled for May 20, 2018 to determine if Messiah should issue a Divine Call for a new Senior Pastor. Since that time, the Leadership Council received concerns from some Messiah members that the presentation of a single candidate would not be in keeping with the formal wording of the Constitution and By-Laws, which specifies a list of “candidates" vs. a single “candidate” is to be presented to the Voters.

We have reviewed these concerns with MN South District representatives, and while there is ambiguity in the wording within our Constitution and By-Laws, the LC felt it was in the best interests of Messiah to ask the Call Committee to consider adding one or more additional qualified and eligible candidates to the list for nomination. The Call Committee met on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 and has agreed to add an additional name to the nomination list for consideration by the Voters Assembly. The biographical information on each of the two candidates is available at the Welcome Center. The Call Committee will review each candidate and take questions/comments at the Voters Meeting on the 20th.

The list of two candidates will be made known to the entire communicant membership of our congregation via a first class mailing at least ten (10) days before the Voters Assembly meeting at which the Call is to be extended. It will require a 2/3 majority of all ballots issued to attending Voters to issue a Divine Call. Prior to the meeting, a communicant member in good standing shall have the right to provide personal knowledge of either candidate, either positive or negative, on the feedback form which can be found at the Messiah Welcome Center. The Call Committee will review any comments concerning any candidate on the official call list. If an objection is made and deemed to be valid by the Call Committee the candidate in question shall be removed from the call list. 

~~Thank you, Lord, for Your loving presence. Help us make the most of our waiting through trust in and service for You.
~~Continued prayers for the Pastor and his family that God has chosen for Messiah.
~~Discernment for our members to hear the leading of the Holy Spirit.